Getting Started

We’ve Done All the Work and You Can Start Sharing in 70% of the Profits Simply by Adding a Link to Your Web Site!

There’s nothing quite like getting up on a lazy morning, checking your affiliate statement online and smiling as you discover that while you slept, you made money as an affiliate of The Online Dog Trainer.

Basically there are three steps to start earning money from being an affiliate of The online Dog Trainer:

Before Step 1: Know The Rules

Yeah, there are some rules. Please check out our Affiliate Rules which outline the guidelines that govern our affiliate program. And please note that the resources on this website may only be used to promote The Online Dog Trainer. It’s also worth checking out ClickBank’s Client Contract.

Step 1: Know Your Affiliate URL

Your affiliate URL is your “lifeline” to The Online Dog Trainer. We will use it to directly track your affiliate sales. When someone clicks on that link and is taken to The Online Dog Trainer, we know that it is you who referred them. If a sale is made, the 3rd part payment processor, ClickBank, will also know who bought which product and when, and they will pay you your affiliate commission.

Your affiliate URL can be placed anywhere you can write text or html. Some examples of places your affiliate URL can be placed are:

  • Your Email Signature
  • In the text of your website or blog
  • Behind a clickable image on your website
  • As the affiliate link in a YouTube video

The possibilities of where you can place your affiliate URL are limited only by your imagination. You will need to set up an account with ClickBank first before you can get your affiliate link.

Step 2: Publish Your Affliate URL

Once you have a good understanding of your affiliate URL and know how to track your sales, the next step is to insert your affiliate URL into your website, blog, social marketing network, e-zine or email campaign.

However you deliver information to your readers, whatever your traffic generating methods are, all you need to do is clearly demonstrate how The Online Dog Trainer can benefit them.

This can be done in the form of:

  • Pay Per Click – Use the search power of Google and Yahoo to place ads for The Online Dog Trainer.
  • Classified Ads – Place free classifieds onto the web.
  • Articles – Use our free articles with your embedded affiliate URL and submit them to article directories.
  • Free Content – Offer a free bonus with any membership to The Online Dog Trainer.
  • Blogging – You can blog about your experiences with The Online Dog Trainer, either as a member or by writing a review.
  • RSS Feed – Keep your readers informed about your promotions via RSS.
  • Email – Tell your list about all the great benefits of joining The Online Dog Trainer.
  • Your Affiliate URL – Your unique affiliate URL can be used in many different ways, from forum signatures to video links.
  • Free Banners – We supply a wide range of banners for you to use.
  • Social Media – Lately our affiliates have been using this function to help boost their affiliate campaigns.

Just be sure to make the information your are giving your readers useful and relevant.

Step 3: Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate URL

Getting traffic to your website or blog is something that must be looked into deeply. Not only do you need visitors to your website, but you also need people who are looking specifically for what you have to offer. There are many different ways to generate traffic, but the main ones you should focus on are:

SEO Methods, Blogging, Pay Per Click, Banners, Email, Social Media, Offline