Create Your Hoplink

Step 1. Learn All About Hoplinks

**VERY IMPORTANT** Please read this entire page on ClickBank’s website all about Hoplinks, and then make sure you understand what you can and can’t earn commission on (read more about the products for which we offer commission)

Step 2. Get Started With Your Hoplink

This is the Hoplink we recommend using for The Online Dog Trainer. There are a few ways that ClickBank let you structure the link, but we think this one is the best as it’s an SSL link with https…this way your customers will never see SSL certification errors when they follow the HopLink (assuming your site has an SSL certificate).


So for example, if you’ve chosen to make your affiliate nickname ‘dogsrule’ your hoplink will look like this…


So do it now, replace “AFFILIATE” with your own Clickbank Nickname.

Now test your link.

After you’ve created your first HopLink, it’s important to test it to make sure you’ll receive commissions for sales you promote.

To test your HopLink to make sure it’s working correctly, you can either enter your HopLink directly into your browser’s address bar and hit Enter, or click on your HopLink directly if you’ve already posted it somewhere online. Once you’re on our site, click the Buy Now button so you’re taken to the ClickBank order form. If you scroll to the bottom of the order form, you should see [affiliate=yournickname].

Step 3. Choose Your Landing Page

Visit these pages to choose which landing pages you want to send traffic to:

The Dog Calming Code Funnel
Sale Page Landers
Blog Post Landers
Easy Way Funnel