The Easy Way Funnel

**NB** – Please see Q&A at the bottom for RULES on how to use this funnel

Dan and the team have been working long and hard to build this funnel, and with the new free DCC video, we’re happy to say it’s now converting really well! 

If you’re not sure what a ‘funnel’ is, it’s simply a series of steps we take a prospect through which has a better chance of turning them into a customer.

Basically we invite them to a free video (lead magnet) where they get great value and get to know us first. Then we continue to build trust through email. 

At whichever point they decide to buy from us and go through checkout, they’re taken through a series of one-click steps to try upsell them into adding more products to their purchase. It’s a way of getting a cheap sale at the front, but ending up with a bigger average order value.

The warmer the traffic, the higher the conversions. So we recommend you warm yours up as much as you can first. Traffic coming from your blog where they’ve consumed awesome free content, and THEN going through the funnel is going to give you better conversions than sending “cold” traffic that’s coming off a Google Ad for example.

If you want to skip the first step (the optin), use this funnel instead: The Dog Calming Code Funnel.

There are 5 Steps to the funnel:

  1. Optin + Free Video (lead magnet)
  2. Sales Page
  3. Checkout
  4. Upsell & Downsell
  5. Email Sequence

Your Hoplink

Your Hoplink will redirect to Step #1: The Optin + Tripwire.

This is where your ClickBank cookie is dropped and remains active for 60 days. Any sale of any ClickBank product from The Online Dog Trainer during this period will be credited to you.

This is your Hoplink (please replace XXXX with your ClickBank affiliate ID):


Step #1: The Optin + Free Video (lead magnet)

The funnel starts with the Optin Landing Page (this is NOT your Affiliate link):

On this page we offer our lead magnet, a free training video called “The Easy Way To An Obedient Dog“.

When we asked the question “What does everyone really want from their dog?” The simple answer was a mixture of “a good dog” and “a dog that obeys me”.

So “The Easy Way To An Obedient Dog” was born. It’s designed to have mass appeal within the dog training niche.

As soon as a visitor opts in (submits their email) to get the Lead Magnet Page, they are immediately redirected to the free video training page here:

It’s a simple, fast loading lander, with a 20 minute training video from Doggy Dan. He reveals his transformational method, the Dog Calming Code™ and the 5 rules to follow for good dog behavior.

After a while a button appears below the video linking to Step #2, The Sales Page.

Why it works: Doggy Dan explains his dog psychology and why traditional methods of training don’t work. He goes on to explain what the 5 Golden Rules are for establishing leadership and stopping all behavioral problems, and that these Rules are all available inside his course, the Dog Calming Code.

The script is based on the conversion tactic of giving away the SECRETS for free, but charging for the IMPLEMENTATION.

Step #2: The Sales Page

Having watched the free video and understanding the WHY behind the concept, conversions of the Dog Calming Code course hold steady between 3-4%. Customers receive lifetime access to the DCC course inside The Online Dog Trainer membership.

Step #3: The Checkout

The Checkout page has high a converting testimonial video from Doggy Dan, graphics displaying risk-free guarantee and support, plus more reviews.

The Order Bump is Dan’s narration of his condensed audio version of the Dog Calming Code which sells for $9, with a solid 20% take rate.

On exit intent (page abandonment) there’s a popup for 10% OFF the Dog Calming Code.

Step #4: Upsell & Downsell

The UPSELL Page is presented immediately after the initial purchase is successful.

URL (NOT your affiliate link):

We get a 10% take rate on our higher priced offer, the Complete Pack, which contains all Dan’s courses. This upsell bundle goes for an OTO of $197.

The DOWNSELL Page is presented if they say ‘No’ to the Upsell offer.

URL (NOT your affiliate link):

On this page we get a 5% take rate on a split pay OTO for the Complete Pack, 3 x $67 monthly.

Step #5: The Email Sequence

This is where the true power of the funnel lies. Written by a top copywriter, the email sequence is designed to let folks get to know about Dan, and it keeps pointing them back to watch the free video (which leads them to the sales page).

We email leads for as long as long as your 60 Day ClickBank cookie lasts. This means that through our email, we keep trying to convert your lead into a customer for 2 months.

Tracking Hoplinks

If you use TIDs for ClickBank tracking, you may be wondering how to add them to your Easy Way Hoplink.

This is what the link structure should look like:

  • XXXX = Your ClickBank affiliate ID (or Nickname)
  • facebookad1 = example of whatever you want to track

Tracking Opt-ins

Unfortunately there is no way to integrate ClickBank’s hoplink system with our email CRM (or any, for that matter).

And the only way to connect the dots between who clicked your link and who signed up is to place a tracking pixel on the signup conversion page.

Please send your code through via email to affiliates [at] (with the correct formatting intact, and VERY clear instructions where to put them).


Material to promote the funnel

Open each file and Right Click to save images above…


Q: How do I use this funnel?

A: In beta-testing, most affiliates found that sending WARM TRAFFIC was much more effective than sending paid (cold) traffic directly to the funnel optin. They were introducing Doggy Dan and describing how awesome his method was FIRST. Only AFTER that were they sending them to the funnel.

How you warm up your traffic really depends on YOU. We can’t tell you how to do this – this is what you have to do as an affiliate marketer.

The point is: the warmer the traffic, the better the conversion.

Q: Can I track the conversions of optins and sales?

A: Yes, you can. Supply us with the tracking pixel code, and exact details of where to add it. Please don’t be vague.

Q: Can I copy the funnel, redesign and redirect it?

A: NO. Certainly not. You cannot copy a single piece of it. This must not become diluted on the net. The “Easy Way To An Obedient Dog” is becoming it’s own sub-brand of The Online Dog Trainer, so we need to keep it pure. We will have alerts in place to make sure nothing is being copied, and any affiliates abusing this will be banned.

Q: Can I use my own Autoresponder for this funnel?

A: Unfortunately not. Sure, it means we collect the email address, but our autoresponder is so powerful that you have far more chance of making a sale. If you have any suggestions on the email sequence and how we could improve it then please let us know…

Q: Do Bing, Google and Facebook Ads approve landing pages when the video starts automatically?

A: Yes, as far as we know. We haven’t heard of any ads being disallowed. But do let us know. 

Q: How do you suggest I run PPC ads?

A: We recommend using more Desktop Ads than Mobile Ads, as conversions are always higher with desktop. Our target market age is between 40-65yrs old, and they prefer to use their credit cards on their desktops. There’s no cross-device browsing then, making sure the cookie is always active for you (the cookie does not transfer across devices).

Q: How long will it take until I see conversions?

A: The way the funnel is set up, optins can either watch the lead magnet immediately after optin, or after they receive email links. On all links to the free video we offer the DCC once the button appears, so it could take a few minutes or a few days. But we also know that it can take up to 7 touch points before our perfect customer makes a purchase. So they may not buy on the 1st day, they may take a bit longer as they return to read the offer over and over (yes, we see that a lot), and they also compare it against other online offers. So that’s why the cookie lasts for 60 days… you get 60 days for them to make up their minds and purchase or not. Plus our autoresponder is designed to close the sale over this period.

Q: What are these strange numbers in my ClickBank reporting?

A: These are the ClickBank item numbers for the products inside this funnel:

67 = Dog Calming Code – $47
119 = Dog Calming Code Audiobook order bump – $9
121 = Upsell to Complete Pack – $197
122 = Downsell to Complete Pack split pay – $67 x 3

Right, that should cover off just about everything. So now it’s over to you! Please read all the Q&A above.

Thanks for all your support — Here’s to your success!


The Affiliate Team @ The Online Dog Trainer