Who is the Perfect Customer?

Firstly, please note we recommend using the Easy Way Funnel, as it’s converting at least 2X higher than our static landers.

Read more about The Easy Way Funnel HERE – Also check out the FAQ and comment section.

In terms of paid traffic, we don’t do much advertising at all, we’d rather leave that to our affiliates. So unfortunately we don’t have a lot of information on what’s working and what’s not.

We’ve also heard, and can vouch for this too, that Facebook is really where it’s at. Our customers LIVE on Facebook (English speaking women aged 40-65).

And with FB ads the targeting is just so powerful.

(Probably not an issue for you but here’s some info on CB direct linking and FB ads.)

You might find the 51-60 age group is the sweet spot. Below are the latest demographics (From our membership survey):


Female (80%), Male (20%)


21 – 30 (7.90%)
31 – 40 (14.03%)
41 – 50 (32.58%)
51 – 60 (24.35%)
61 – 70 (15.48%)
over 71 (5.48%)

Top 10 Countries:

  1. United States (53.72%)
  2. United Kingdom (9.13%)
  3. Canada (4.58%)
  4. Australia (3.59%)
  5. India (2.50%)
  6. New Zealand (1.91%)
  7. Brazil (1.23%)
  8. Germany (1.14%)
  9. France (1.01%)
  10. Philippines (0.87)

Desktop or Mobile?

We recommend using Desktop Ads only, and stay away from Mobile Ads, as conversions are always higher with desktop. There’s no cross-device browsing then, making sure the cookie is always active for you.

Top 10 search traffic states in the US:

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. New York
  4. Florida
  5. Oregon
  6. Virginia
  7. Washington
  8. Illinois
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Massachusetts

Wanna share?

Please comment below if you have any wins you can share so we can get this wonderful product into more hands…